Thursday, June 07, 2012

NASCAR Dudes Target In German Movie

Dudes who avoided seeing “The Vow” will want to have a look at the 2008 German high testosterone movie “Fast Track: No Limits.”  The esteemed Lee Goldberg of Diagnosis Murder and Monk is the writer and producer.  (For more, go to

This is not just your basic fast women, loose cars or babes, boobs and BMWs sidebar to a six pack of Grain Belt and Dominoes pizza.  No, it features some creative photography and street racing of the classic variety.  I am well versed in the genre having recently viewed “Trucking on the Track” with Tommy Kirk and “Fireball 500” with Fabian and Frankie Avalon.  In this contemporary version, BMWs that we associate with dotty suburbanites here are the mean machines of the street. 

Those who hope to see Angela Merkle topless on the streets of Berlin will be disappointed.  The lady has front burner issues with the bank mess in Spain.  Cut her some slack.

For maximum FT enjoyment pair it with Lou Arkoff’s “Jailbreaker” with underwear model Antonio Sabato Jr. reminding us of why our hearts went aflutter a few years back.  In a retread of a 60s American International epic, Sabato plays a James Dean high school greaser bad boy who Shannon Doherty can’t resist.  (She never showed good judgment in the Beverly Hills show as well.)

In a somewhat unrelated discovery, “The Bitch in Apt. 23” actually is wonderfully subversive with Dawson Vanderbeek as a has been teen heart throb doing commercials in Vietnam.  This ABC sitcom is worth another view.

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Gene Johnson said...

Angela Merkle topless on the streets of Berlin?? That's almost as good as Adolph Hitler in lederhosen: