Thursday, April 12, 2018


“It’s better to be in a bad movie than no movie at all,” says an actor in James Franco’s “Disaster Artist,” a behind the scenes look at the notoriously bad midnight movie “The Room.”
Franco does a good imitation of Tommy Wiseau, the mysterious soul who made up for what he lacked in talent with a big back account.
David Franco plays Tommy’s sidekick Gregg and it’s implied that Wiseau may have had romantic notions about Gregg that were not reciprocated.
“Disaster Artist” is best viewed with Tim Burton’s “Ed Wood,” another Hollywood incompetent who lives on via VHS and DVD.  

Minnesotans pay $9 at the Uptown Theater once a month to see “The Room” while I got the DVD from the library free. 

America’s fist indoor shopping mall is shrinking with the demolition of the Pennys store to make way for a fitness center that won’t be connected to the mall.  Meanwhile, the parking lot is being filled in with retail and a waste treatment plant.  Soon the mall will be the size of a SuperAmerica gas station.