Sunday, June 10, 2012

Depp, Thompson: Compatible, Entertaining

The camaraderie and special relationship that existed between Johnny Depp and the late journalist Hunter S. Thompson is developed in documentaries on the DVD with the movie “Rum Diaries.”
This is a good reason to get the DVD from Netflix if you missed it at the theater.  I was a fan of Thompson’s work before Depp made Gonzo and I attended his lecture in St. Paul at St. Catherine’s University.  I only remember him refreshing himself from a bottle of scotch and showing up late.  I believe that Bill Murray was Thompson in  “Where the Buffalo Roam.”

“Rum Diaries” deals with the dark side of American politics and business and although it took many years to make, I feel it was worth the effort.  Depp is great at fleshing out renegade fringe characters and those that enjoyed “Ed Wood” will find “Rum Diaries” rewarding.  Since it’s filmed on the beaches of San Juan, it will could be a favorite winter movie.

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