Thursday, February 06, 2014

Sordid Movie Features Princess Di

What possessed them to make a movie about Princess Di?  The 2013 UK effort “Diana” staring Naomi Watts is a stinker but it has it’s moments like when she is cleaning the pig stye apartment of her boyfriend Dr, Hasnat Khan.
So we learn that Di was handy with the Pinesol and rubber gloves but she and Hasnat were a train wreck from the get-go.  The boyfriend Hasnat is a mess of contradictions — a heart surgeon who loves his booze, smokes and greasy fast food burgers.  Hello, British Heart Association: send this guy a pamphlet on healthy eating and physical fitness.  But then Diana is not without her faults, arranging a job for Khan in Boston without his consent.  Life with Di looked like a nightmare to Khan at this point, no doubt.
And what about Dodi, the son of the owner of Harrod’s Department store with whom she spent her final hours?  Well, apparently he was a stooge Diana enticed to stir Khan into a jealous rage.  A lot of good it did because he was probably engrossed in a White Castle slider at the time.
I visited Harrod’s in 1998 wherein I saw an incredibly tasteless shrine to Dodi and Di on the top floor.  What an unfortunate mess that was.
The story of Diana’s attempts to ban land mines that were killing and maiming children in Angola is covered in the movie amidst the romantic melodrama surrounding her madcap life.

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Mike Barer said...

I was not aware that this movie had come out. I'm sure that Hollywood will put out some type of movie. After all, they did Maggie and Queen Elizabeth.