Monday, February 24, 2014

"Pompeii" is Formula Tragic Love Story

We probably should have seen the new “Pompeii” movie in 3-D but didn’t.  The young actors are quite attractive and the special effects are great which bodes well for those with 3-D TV sets.  As Gary H. said, it’s much like “Titanic” in that an actual horrific event is sexed up with a love story.  Instead of the ship sinking, Mt. Vesuvius blows its top.
Much like the Republic horse operas, the handsome hero saves the damsel in distress from the forces of evil in this case portrayed by yesteryear’s heartthrob Kiefer Sutherland who is sporting a thick British accent.  I suspect his dialogue was dubbed.  The lead is played by Kit Harrington.  Besides the bad guys, the young lovers must deal with the impending horrific doom that buried Pompeii.  I could have seen the actual Pompeii ruins in 2010 on a cruise but chose not to do that nine-hour tour which was probably a mistake.  The theater was nearly empty yesterday so I suspect Sony hopes to make money on the DVDs and cable TV.  It’s not the worse movie I have seen in recent years because it deals with an actual event which was covered in a BBC miniseries that may be better.

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