Saturday, March 24, 2012

Strange Radio Titles Come to Mind

Waking streams of consciousness have brought back names of radio and TV shows of the 40s and 50s and I needed to check Wikipedia to see if they were real, including IT PAYS TO BE IGNORANT, LADIES BE SEATED, JUKEBOX JURY AND ISH KABIBBLE.

It Pays to Be Ignorant was on Mutual for Philip Morris, Chrysler and Desoto. The show spoofed popular radio programs like Quiz Kids and Information Please. It obviously was a favorite on the Crosley at home and may have featured a character called “Park Your Carcass” but I need confirmation on that. Or maybe that character was on Fred Allen’s show?

Ladies Be Seated was a stunt game hosted by Minnesota native Johnny Olson and was on NBC in the 40s. I can’t see how this would work on radio.

Jukebox Jury had a short run on ABC TV and was hosted by disk jockey Peter Potter with celebrity actors on the panel. The panel judged newly released songs.

Ish Kabibble was the name of a comedian featured on the radio show Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge. He also appeared in movies starting in 1939. I probably remember the name from a popular song of the day (ish kabibble mit the ya ya). Anyone recognize this?


Mike Barer said...

Mutual Radio Network? That indeed is a blast from the past. Other were before my time, but a little nostalgia is always welcome!

Mike Barer said...

Did you know that ABC was created from NBC. There was a "Blue" network and a "Red" network. One of them was spun off. At least according to what I learned to broadcast history.