Monday, March 05, 2012

Game On -- Stop the Hate

MINNEAPOLIS -- About 500 people Sunday stood up for dignity and against tyranny and hate Sunday at a meeting in a suburban Minneapolis synagogue to kick off the campaign against the ill-advised constitutional anti-gay marriage amendment.

“My blood boils” said Minneapolis Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman as she recalled the plaintive plea of a toddler who asked if her two moms would go to jail if the amendment passes.

The amendment which will be on the Nov. 6 ballot would further marginalize members of the LGBT community to further the radical agenda of the Republican legislative majority.

Against formidable odds, like the corporate Catholic Church which is sinking a million dollars into the anti-gay campaign, the advocates of dignity and freedom need to convince 160,000 Minnesotans to vote against the amendment. or else don’t vote on the amendment. Gay and lesbian couples with children will have compelling stories to tell those wavering that could tip the balance in November.

The Minnesota Rabbinical Association on Jan. 18 adopted a statement opposing the amendment.

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