Sunday, July 15, 2018

Walla Walla, Spokane and Road Scholar class

I didn’t see the synagogue on Alder and Roosevelt or the Mill Creek Flood channel that runs through downtown, but I did get Sharon from Best Western to take me to the Barer Building and we drove past the Capitol Theater marquee which is now part of Macy’s.  Stan and I saw “Holiday Affair” with Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh (RKO) at the Capitol in 1950.
Juana gave five former Spokane residents a wonderful tour July 13 of the beautiful art deco FoxTheater where we saw movies in youthful splendor that we will never forget.  Here’s one good reason to visit Spokane, where thoughtful urban design has given away to shoddy ugly commercial developments.

Ed Tatt, the father of my good friend, Bill, owned a dry cleaners store that faced the street in the Fox Building. That space is now incorporated into the lobby. The theater boasted air conditioning starting in 1929.  I saw “Psycho,” “Macabre” and Abbott and Costello Saturday matinees here growing up.

The Road Scholar Ice Age Floods Eastern Washington tour --Rod Scholar tour/class.  Beauty & wonder of Eastern Washington "scablands" rivals S. Dakota Badlands and then some.


Mike Barer said...

Good post, that was actually the Liberty, although in the early years, I think it was called the Capitol. The Capital I know was torn down a few decades ago.
It was on 2nd next to the Drumheller Bldg.
I would love to take you on a tour of the town and give you my take on the history, stay tuned.

Mike Barer said... This blog post by yours truly, actually proves that you are right. Although it would eventually become the Liberty and a new Capitol Theatre would spring up. There was also a "Sky Vu" drive in that charged by the "person" rather than "the car" so passengers would often hide.
Then there was the "Little Theatre" that had live performances.