Friday, September 09, 2016


If you watched KHQ-TV on Saturday night in the ‘50s you saw Polly Bergen singing the weeks top hit songs along with Dorothy Collins and Snooky Lanson  on "Your Hit Parade."   I scored this album last week at my neighborhood thrift store.  Bergen is no relation to Edgar Bergen but may have dated Charlie McCarthy.  She appeared in the comedy “Cry Baby” with Johnny Depp and in 1957 portrayed torch singer Helen Morgan on a CBS-TV special.

 Surprise Fact about Polly Bergen.  In high school I read "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen.  When I gave my book report, I mentioned that Polly Bergen was starring on Broadway with Farley Granger in a musical version of "Pride and Prejudice" called "First Impressions."  There is an LP.  Of course, it is rare now.  I've never heard the LP of the show.  (Gary Hudson)

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Mike Barer said...

You probably know that KHQ-6 was owned by the same folks who owned the Spokesman Review and the Spokane Chronicle. It gave the Cowles family a real loud voice in the inland empire.