Saturday, April 06, 2013

Very Artsy "Anna Karenena" Not a Sizzling Success

Anna is “just a girl who can’t say no” and Count Vronsky is a boy “whose got what it takes and knows how to use it” in the new fun-filled version of “Anna Karenena.”  All the majesty of Imperial Russia dazzles before your eyeballs in scenes that resemble classic paintings.
A very middle aged Jude Law with receding hairline back to his tukus plays the politician husband.  (I didn’t get that is was Jude who was the husband until halfway through this two-hour movie.  He’s no longer the hottie we remember in “The Talented Mr. Ripley.”
The movie is entirely too long and the 40’s London Film version with Vivien Leigh and Ralph Richardson is more to the point:  Annie is a slut and the husband a self-centered ugly old politician who you hate.
Glad I didn’t spend $8 to see it at the theater.  A remake with Tina Fey and Chaning Tatum would be most welcome with Bela Lugosi digitalized as the husband.

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