Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spirit Lake, Idaho Theater Memories Recalled

It started at the Spirit Lake, Idaho, movie theater in 1947 where the Zarkins and Barers would go while on summer vacation at Sedelmeyers Resort. So I have been carrying around a snapshot in my head of a movie scene where Victor Moore emerges from  underground in a manhole. Those Spirit Lake days were an impressionable time for a lad starting a lifetime as a movie maniac. 
By dumb luck I was reunited with the scene when last night I watched the 1947 Allied Artist movie ‘It Happened on Fifth Avenue” with Gale Storm, Charles Ruggles, Victor Moore and Dan Defore.  Briefly, it’s a sentimental Christmas yarn about a returning GI coping with the housing shortage and a self-absorbed captain of industry and his daughter (Storm) who falls in love with the GI played by Defore.  With high production values and a good script, it is quite enjoyable.
Spirit Lake’s theater was small and with primitive folding chairs or some other unusual seating arrangements.   The theater also featured “Luck of the Irish” with Tyrone Power which we also saw.  I have fond Spirit Lake memories.

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