Saturday, December 17, 2011

Republican Sex? Scandal Rocks St. Paul

Given the current Republican scandal involving Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch (married with children), the question on many minds is: Will the Republicans' antigay constitutional amendment on the next ballot be amended to define marriage as existing between "a man, woman and male legislative aide." Seems fair to me.
The hypocrisy of the entire antigay lesbian marriage amendment is raised by Doug Grow on and what a wonderful Chanukah gift for the DFL and the gay and lesbian communities. The super religious antigovernment, anti-tax Tea Party Republicans took the Capitol by storm and accomplished a record long government shutdown and continuation of skyrocketing property taxes.
Also they got an antigay marriage amendment on the ballot for next November. They might recoup their losses with the Christian right by proposing legislation to make adultery a capital offense punishable by stoning on the Capitol Mall. Hello Amy! Makes sense to me.

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