Saturday, February 18, 2006

At Friend's Central Perk Set

Roger, me, Alan and Scott on Feb.9, 2006, a wonderful tour of the Warner Bros. lot and our tour guide was most generous in giving us access to delightful memories such as the couch in the Central Perk set from TV show Friends. Did Brad Pitt's butt ever rest here? One wonders.


Ash said...

That's cool. that day must have been fun.

Dave Zarkin said...

You don't know how much fun. I walked up to the entrance of the emergency room for "ER" and knocked on that fiberglass; then dawdled in the reception room. Some of the "houses" double as offices and office buildings become shoot sites. I was like a kid in a candy store. Then there was Logan's sumptuous suite from "Gillmore Girls". What college student lives like that? The Central Perk set is in a warehouse; apparently setup to amuse the rubes who pay $40 for the tour. I was amused. Now I am watching a bunch of shows I never see just to see the sets.